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Got a question for FoxFire? Interested in learning more? Write a quick message and a FoxFire representative will get back to you as soon as possible!

For immediate assistance, call FoxFire at (605) 977-1250 or toll-free at 1-800-333-4176.

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Need more information about our products? Look no further.

At FoxFire Systems Group, our sales team is dedicated to providing great customer service. We know EHR can be complicated and that’s why we’re here to help. Speak with a FoxFire sales representative today to get specific product details and answers to your all your EHR questions. We can provide additional materials, customer testimonials, specific products details, pricing and more to help make your EHR decision easier.

To speak with a sales rep, call (605) 977-1250 or toll free at (800) 333-4176.

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Looking for more information about our training? Connect with us today and discuss your options.

Sufficient training is one of the biggest keys to successful implementation of any EHR or practice management software. FoxFire takes a personal approach to training, offering both online and in-person training with our full-time trainers who are dedicated to setting you up for success. Plus, even after implementation, our staff is available to schedule additional trainings or reviews at your request.

To speak with the FoxFire Training Department, call (605) 977-1250 or toll free at (800) 333-4176 and ask for Training.

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Supporting our current clients is our top priority. Our support staff are trained experts ready to help you with any issues or complications that arise. We are available 24-7, ensuring you get support when you need it most.

To connect with the Support team at FoxFire, call (605) 977-1250 or toll free at (800) 333-4176.

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For media inquiries or to discuss potential marketing opportunities, please contact our Marketing Department.