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FoxFire EDI

EDI-Icon2We understand that billing is a time consuming practice that is often complicated and overwhelming for office staff to manage. To assist staff with this process and improve claim management, FoxFire Systems Group developed FoxFire EDI. FoxFire EDI is an efficient claims management dashboard built for complete claims tracking. The system offers instant eligibility verification as well as instant feedback on submitted claims. With this tool, staff can monitor submitted claims, review rejected claims and instantly re-submit claims to greatly improve the timetable between submission and payment.

System Highlights

Icon12Centralized Dashboard of Claims
No more scouring through endless paper reports to locate denied claims. View rejected and invalid claims instantly, including the reason(s) why each claim was denied so you can re-submit claims faster than ever before.

Icon14All Payer Statuses in One View
With FoxFire EDI’s innovative task manager, follow each claim from the time it gets submitted to the time you get paid. Print Proof of Timely Filing Reports quickly and easily so you can focus on providing top-notch customer service.

Icon13Instant Eligibility Verification
No more waiting for eligibility verification. Simply click a button and FoxFire EDI provides eligibility information instantly!

Icon15100% ICD-10 and HIPAA Compliant
ICD-10 is quickly approaching – is your practice ready? FoxFire EDI is 100% ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant and it will help ease your staff through the transition to ICD-10. When it comes to complaince, FoxFire EDI is a must-have.

FoxFire Payer List
Current users of FoxFire EDI can access the complete FoxFire Systems Group Payer List. Use this list to identify the insurance payer ID when inputting new patient information.

FoxFire Payer List

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FoxFire EDI

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