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FoxFire Client Testimonials

“Getting set up on FoxFire EHR was very simple. The training experience went a lot faster and I felt more comfortable in the system, quicker than I did in my previous EHR. What I really like about it is the easy customizations and the imaging capabilities. You can quickly scan in imaging and share it with both referring doctors and directly with the patients. That is pretty neat!”

Dr. Jeanne M Perrine | Jeanne M Perrine OD - Atlanta, GA

“The training and support that we received for the electronic health record software was personal, speedy and to the point. During the Go Live, the FoxFire trainers answered and elaborated on our questions. Post Go Live, the product benefits were further explained and revisited as the FoxFire team patiently made sure we were using the system to its best advantage. FoxFire was there for us every step of the way and they still are!”

Dr. Jeff Schletzbaum | Schletzbaum Optometry - Hutchinson, KS

“The EHR software is intuitive and easy to use. In fact, one of our doctors is older and had very little computer experience and he was able to adjust to using the system very quickly. Their support staff has been available whenever we needed them and they fixed any problems promptly. On top of all that, FoxFire has worked hard to ensure that we meet Meaningful Use; guiding us through the process and providing us with weekly reports on our progress. I’ve been very satisfied with FoxFire and I would not hesitate to recommend them to other practices.”

Dr. Rick Walker | Randolph Eyecare Center - Randolph, NJ

“I am very satisfied with choosing FoxFire as my EHR provider. Documenting and finishing an exam is quick and simple. Using it seamlessly with the practice management saves time and makes my practice more efficient. Plus, customer service is obviously a major priority. Their support staff is available whenever we call and they truly listen to their clients on how to make things better.”

Dr. Eric McPeak| McPeak Optometry - Hiawatha, KS

“FoxFire’s service has been impeccable and our practice has been much more efficient since implementing FoxFire EHR! They offer a streamlined, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to improve your practice efficiency. I was also impressed with their personalized training and dedicated support team that helped set us up for success. We know we made the right decision when we chose FoxFire.”

Dr. Terry Brown| Jefferson Eye Care - Jefferson, IA

“FoxFire Practice Management just gets better all the time. Since we started, we have been very pleased with its capabilities. It just keeps making my life easier all the time and I can’t wait for each new update that comes as they have always been better and better each time.”

Janelle Wilson | Jefferson Eye Clinic - Jefferson, IA

“FoxFire EDI has been very helpful. Everything about it is easier than the “old” way I was doing them. Sending insurance and statements goes much quicker. The thing I like best so far is getting the reports of invalid and rejected claims. It is so much easier and faster to see the exact problem, fix it and set it to rebill. I recommend FoxFire EDI – it has made my job easier.”

Jan Langworthy | McPherson Eye Care - McPherson, KS

“FoxFire billing has been a tremendous help. It reduces account receivables due to their coding knowledge in catching errors before filing and reduces staff stress in trying to fix coding errors. They also relieve staff stress by explaining billing questions from patients. It has been well worth it, to say the least.”

Dr. Chris Collins | Collins Eye Clinic - Vicksburg, MS