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FoxFire Full Product Suite

FoxFire Systems Group is the leading provider of full-service practice solutions built specifically for ophthalmic professionals. We offer a complete suite of products, specifically developed to help offices better manage the entire patient process. The FoxFire suite includes the following products: FoxFire Certified EHR, FoxFire Practice Management, FoxFire EDI and FoxFire Billing Services. Utilizing the FoxFire suite, practices can effectively and efficiently manage patient care from the minute they walk in the door to the minute they leave, and even thereafter.

What sets FoxFire apart from the competition is our full-service approach. We offer an all-in-one solution to eliminate users’ need to hassle with third party vendors. We have all the resources you need, right here at FoxFire. We are continually updating and developing our software, focusing on the needs of the eye care industry and delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Ultimately, we aim to provide the tools you need to be successful.

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FoxFire Certifed EHR

FoxFire Systems Group is one of the leading providers of ophthalmic-specific electronic health records. FoxFire takes EHR to the next level, providing customizations, functionality and processing specific to optometry and ophthalmology. Our software is developed to provide easier navigation and customized exam documentation to help effectively maximizes efficiency and improve the overall productivity of your practice. A faster platform, built-in coding and comprehensive image management make FoxFire EHR one of the most advanced systems currently on the market.

FoxFire Practice Management

After reviewing feedback from hundreds of doctors across the country, FoxFire Systems Group recognized the need to develop a more efficient, comprehensive practice management solution. With a more efficient system, practice staff can put their focus back on patient care. Using the feedback, FoxFire developed its innovative practice management software, providing clients with a tool to better manage the complete patient process. The software includes full optical inventory control and a built-in point of sale system, all on a sleek, user-friendly interface to make it easy for staff to operate. Optimize your practice with seamless integration with our Certified EHR.

FoxFire EDI

FoxFire Systems Group understands that billing issues can be a meticulous, time consuming project for office staff to manage. FoxFire EDI software provides an efficient claims management dashboard that speeds up staff workflow and gets you your reimbursements faster than ever. Our software is built with instant eligibility verification, complete claims tracking and instant feedback. Staff can monitor submitted claims, review rejected claims and instantly resubmit to greatly improve the timetable between submission and payment. With FoxFire EDI, you office can start saving both time and money.

FoxFire Billing Services

FoxFire Systems Group specializes in billing and coding for ophthalmic practices seeking to boost efficiency and improve profitability. Our in-house, expert staff has over 100 years of combined billing experience, meaning service you can count on and expertise you can trust. Outsourcing your billing services to FoxFire reduces staff time dealing with bills, allowing more focus on patient care while maintaining quality billing standards. FoxFire Billing Services offers data entry within 24 hours, monthly reporting and statements proven to reduce receivables and get you paid.

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