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The FoxFire Difference

Customer service is one of the most integral aspects of providing a quality software system. At FoxFire, we put the emphasis on customer service, making a name for our self in the industry by going the extra mile for our clients. For every dollar we spend selling to new clients, we spend ten dollars on supporting our current clients. Our staff and support team are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service so you are never left in the dark.

In-House Expert Technicians
Our support team and staff members are dedicated individuals focused on providing the support clients need to successfully utilize the software within their practice. Extensive knowledge of the software, experience within the industry and a growing understanding of current trends provides our staff with the tools and resources they need to be your EHR experts.

24-hr Technical Support
TRUE 24-hour technical support is a staple of our business! Your practice shouldn’t have to settle for an after hours voicemail line or a ‘FAQ’ support message board. At FoxFire, we ensure that there is an expert support technician on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to help you through your issue.

Live, In-Person Training at Your Location
There’s no denying it: electronic health records are complicated. That’s why we offer live, in-person training on-site, at your location. Your staff should be able to learn at their own pace and ask questions as you move throughout the process. Live training allows our trainers to cater their seminars to your staff, effectively allowing them to learn our system more intimately right off the bat.  Learn more about our training options.

Remote Support

FoxFire Systems Group provides access to remote support to allow our support technicians to effectively and efficiently manage any problems or issues your clinic may be experiencing. By accessing remote support, you are allowing our technicians remote access to your desktop to explore the issue and navigate any necessary changes or adjustments.

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FoxFire Payer List

Current clients utilizing FoxFire EDI will need to identify the insurance payer ID for all new patients with insurance and input this information. For those people with insurance cards not clearly indicating the payer ID, access the complete FoxFire payer list here to find the applicable payer ID. Click below for the complete list of FoxFire Systems Group Payer Information.

Click Here for Payer List

Have you got a question? Our FoxFire Support team is here to help.